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D'aaaaaaaw. She's soooo adorably sweet.

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1D'aaaaaaaw. She's soooo adorably sweet.  Empty D'aaaaaaaw. She's soooo adorably sweet. on Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:27 am

D'aaaaaaaw. She's soooo adorably sweet.  SA_1053_small

This is too adorable.

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Pip should count his blessings, she didn't build him a robot nurse.

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I wouldn't put it past her. It is Scarlet.

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She really is the cutest little squirrel girl, isn't she?

Meanwhile, if I were Pip, I'd be very wary about eating that grape. It's probably filled with nanobots, synthetic enzymes and retroviruses, all intended to cure him post-haste but more likely to turn him into some mutated nightmare.

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At least she tries. XD

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