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 Inverse Laws2012-02-22unknown1Send private message
 nolongerhere2010-02-07unknown1Send private message
 PietjaWho here wants to play a game of rape? No one? That's the spirit! 2009-11-03unknown992Send private message
avatar ZaranI ran out of milk, so I'm saving up money for a cow...2009-11-03unknown254Send private message
avatar firebolt852010-03-16unknown3Send private message
avatar sneakerfoxI was born in 1722 to a family of drunkards and prostitutes, all of whom were named Thomas.2010-09-06unknown4Send private message
avatar Maple_Fish2010-01-03unknown36Send private message
avatar DiagaDraganalmost any. (but I like British humor)2009-11-10unknown7Send private message
avatar gruntbuggly2009-11-03unknown2Send private message